Hot guys. Hypothetically.

It’s really sad when you meet a hot guy at the club but it turns out he’s friends with a guy you dated and don’t like–even if you can’t remember why any more and it might just be that you had a mutual friend who broke into your apartment while he stood by and did nothing, which, actually, still seems like a valid reason to dislike someone. Although this new guy is hot. But no.


In actuality, I am sitting here, after work, trying to finally finish presentation on anabolic steroids and DHEA so I can have guilt-free fun tomorrow night and not mourning hot guys I met tonight at work. At all. I’m not. Or their hypothetical hot friends whom I dated seven years ago and stopped calling to make out with a girl, big mistake. Hypothetically. Which is probably a valid reason to dislike me so there you go, tension explained.

This presentation is way worse than all of the above situations combined. Three more weeks.