Anatomy and physiology

“you know what I really like about you?”
my mind? My scintillating wit? Oh, oh, my ass! Amiright? No? Well, it is small. Ok ok, it’s that I’m paying attention to you. Right? I really see you.
“no… But I bet you’re about to tell me!” bat those lashes, girl. Bat, bat.
“your nipples. You’ve got those nipples that are just part of your breasts.”
Unlike all those other girls’ nipples that mysteriously float free of their breasts.
I look down at my meager cleavage. It is a warm night, and I haven’t pinched my nipples in a while, thus, he is right. They are un-erect. Blending into the rest of my breast, “just part of it.”
“like… Barbie breasts?” I venture.
“Yeah!” he agrees enthusiastically. “you’ve got Barbie breasts!”


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