ho hum

Work has been really good but not that interesting.  Or, it’s been interesting but I’m really hung up on an awful presentation I did for class this morning, and I can’t stop thinking about it. I’m frustrated and baffled by the fact that I can take my clothes off in front of crowds no sweat, but will totally blow a presentation on a subject that I already know and then spent the weekend refreshing myself on.  I’m talking blow to the point where the feedback (from my darling professor) included the soul-searing comment, “At risk of sounding parental, try to keep things–hoodie strings, your cuticles–out of your mouth; it makes you look unprofessional.” And no, it’s not because I spend so much time with my finger coyly in my mouth at work.  I guess that’s one thing to be thankful for.

So I’m on a mish.  It’s the same skill set, right?  Being graceful in public.  Only I need to expand it to involve calm and collected academic speaking.

I had a photoshoot for next month’s ad this morning before class that is also stressing me out, but I’m trying not to think about it.  The photographer had no paperwork or releases for me to sign, which both reassures me–I didn’t sign away my right to those images! whew!–and freaks me out–how fucking unprofessional! I think the shoot should yield mostly flattering photos but aside from whichever one ends up in the ad, I want them all to disappear.


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