Lap dance styles

I was giving a dance the other day; it was slow and only one other girl was doing a dance, kitty corner from me. She was waving something around and the shininess of it caught my eye. It looked like a thermometer, or maybe a spoon. I kept watching, thinking I was being crazy, but it didn’t resolve into anything more logical. It continued to resemble nothing more than a long copper sundae spoon which… she was dipping in and out, twirling it, and then dipping down again.
I was so absorbed in trying to figure out what was happening that I was frowning, and my customer could see.
“is anything wrong?” he asked.
“oh no!” I smiled at him. I smile too much. “I was just thinking.”
“about what?”
“if I remembered to wash the silverware?” not sexy! Too late, the song ended. “do you want to keep going?” he did not.
The other girl was done too, so when we were safely back in the dressing room I asked her.
“Spoon?” she looked really confused. “that’s my vibrator!”
Of course, of course it was.

Speaking of vibrators, last week a girl in the dressing room was complaining that hers got stolen. From the dressing room.


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