My name is

“hi, how are you tonight?”
“I’m ok, better now that I’m here. What’s your name?”
“I’m Red, and you?”
“Oh, of course.”

“hey there, enjoying your evening?”
“now that I’m here! What’s your name?”
“Red, and yourself?”
“hi Brett, I’m John.”

“How’s your night?”
“pretty good! Better since I got here! Who are you?”
“Red! Who are you?”
incredulous. “Bread?
“No, Red.”

“How’re you?”
“Better now! What’s your name?”
“No, Red. Like the colour. Of my hair.”

“Red? That’s not your real name!”
“no, it’s my last name. My first name is Commiepinko.”
Glazed stare.

“No really, what’s your real name?”
“Red! But I actually spell it R-e-a-d.”

“Hi, Red, I’m Green.” chortles of hilarity.


“That’s funny, my name is Blue.”


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