I’m in love with a stripper

At Hungry I. She has a phenomenal everything, but especially ass.
I want to take a working vacation here soon.


3 thoughts on “I’m in love with a stripper

  1. San Francisco clubs aren’t friendly to traveling dancers. You have to prove that you’re a resident of the bay area, and also sign dozens of pages of contracts, and provide your info for taxes and stuff. It’s a lot different than here.

  2. Not at the clubs I worked at. You don’t usually make much in stage tips though. They do count your dances, so they can take a cut. I think at some clubs they keep locks on those sparkly boxes that you probably noticed all the girls carrying, and you have to put all your dance money in there and they unlock it for you at the end of the night. The two clubs I worked at didn’t lock them anymore though. But tips are all yours. Except I usually ended up using most/all of my stage tips to tip out the DJ/bouncers/etc.

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